Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Your intense daily dose of sweetness; Psychédélique by Jovoy Paris

Psychédélique by Jovoy Paris

It is interesting that among some perfume houses; whether designer, niche or whatsoever; which yet could not deliver a acceptable release to take place in one's collections for two bottles, Jovoy, as a boutique, participates the industry with nigh fully perfect perfume collection. Though this is rational for a boutique to approach perfumery by itself and we all know the first aim is economy not saving the world, but it was expected while some nearer industries to fragrance like fashion do not, cannot, or would not release respectable creations, why a boutique do so?! Anyway, the house does it largely and most of their creation woo me badly, and the others are not even lower than medium.
It is almost beyond insanity to talk about warm fragrances in such hot summer days. Perhaps Psychédélique, for its strong warm welcoming and nasty sweet character, is the super star of the collection. It is an active volcano, massive and bombastic with too many synonym smell groups: woodsy, sweet boozy, green dark herbaceous, and patchouli which sits very well beside caramelized cacao absolute (Jovoy has perfectly implemented patchouli in its creations and had made a good portfolio). But what makes Psychédélique a great deal among all star creations of Jovoy and a top roller in warm patchouli cacao group? My personal evaluation is Psychédélique is a straight and non-abstract and non-twisted fragrance, plain but thick as well as it looks very complicated. It is thorough and fully composed, its warmth and its shattering kinky odd dampness shocks.

The beginning of Psychédélique is wet honey-like and sweet delicious with tons of massive caramelized cacao and chocolate, merged with patchouli, like an ancient wooden totem found in Mesopotamia, but the perfume is entirely modern with no link to classics. It's yummy and boozy, also a resemblance to high-priced biscuits makes it wealthy.
Psychédélique swirls towards patchouli, shows green dark side of cacao'ish amber. This is way enchanting when the core settles with labdanum and patchouli. It is smoky, dark and solid like lava trapped under encrusted layers. The core of the fragrance is one of the warmest ever seen, although citruses and rose and geranium try to cool it down, but they did nothing just add zest to its warmth. That is what Psychédélique exposes brilliantly, natural face of patchouli and cacao.

Some reviewers (great review of Kafkaesque for example) and people in forums identified the fragrance with concept of old library, cognac, some sort of classy things. In fact impressive illustration for such a fragrance, I admit, and it is much useful to understand the perfume upon a review this way. But honestly I don't see too much woody character in Psychédélique to call alike, nevertheless, I totally agree that the fragrance imitates the atmosphere.
Psychédélique grabs me badly with stubborn performance on skin. Wow it stays for a whole day on me with several hours of sole vanilla, labdanum and soft musk aura. Brilliant! So as sillage; a friend says it's normal, even mediocre but upon others' feedback it flies to several meters and fills a big office like ours just within few seconds; vividly and completely (apparently not a good coincidence cause instead of me every single one else is aromaphobic in our office). For some aspects this perfume is so similar to L'Instant de Guerlain eau Extreme Pour Homme. What links the perfumes is amber accords mingled with patchouli. And if you're not satisfied by the dose of sweets (which I don't suggest to go any further for the sake of public) you might turn it to Opus Oils Dark Chocolate Royale, but that is the ultimate chocolate! But, Psychédélique is an aristocratic casual royal fragrance.

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