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Olibanum, wealth and humbleness; Black Tourmaline by Olivier Durbano

Black Tourmaline by Olivier Durbano

Thanks in advance to Farbod for this mix. My etude drawing in black tourmaline picture

Three things I love about olibanum are, first, its paradoxical regressive yet modern luxurious attribution. Beside this authentic unmodernized manner, its dark smoky vibe which fits any color but white (while itself is talcy creamy yellow-white) is the second paradoxical fact! The third fact is its evocative smoky aura which has bold contrast with its sacred mood.
A bold scent-perspective of olibanum is its safe, trustworthy, and secure mood of carpentry workshop, occupied by loads of trunks and timbers; newly cut or aged; here and there. An old kind carpenter; whose large size shoulders and arms are anomalous to his tender kind character and white ambry long beard; works in his carpentry. The place is full of aged sepia colored wooden items portfolioing his lifespan career and passion.

St. Joseph the carpenter; Georges de La Tour; 1640 (the very painting which comes to mind every time I face a fine olibanum perfume.)

But these are not the only facts I love about Black Tourmaline. I love, no, I adore its sacred enigmatic sexy air which is olfactory equivalence to new-age style of music in late 90's. It is hard to wrap a certain explanation for Black Tourmaline which is an ostentatious aroma in its own group: olibanum or incense; both respected. It is sacred but it is earthy and not churchy or cathedral'ish like James Heeley Cardinal.
In first sniffs it presents utmost level of satisfactory for a dark and smoky atmosphere in luxurious manner. Luxurious and friendly just as stones Olivier Durbano employ to create his jewels (Olivier Durbano has interesting humble luxurious collection of jewels,specially necklaces). Its opening is array of ritual spices: cardamom, caraway and peppery accords which escort olibanum. It utterly gives a soft delicious dimension to the oudwood-attributed olibanum in the hearth of the performance.

Black Tourmaline continues to settle in a very smooth, very refined, and detailed elaborate olfactory jewel full of facats, yet what comes out is an integrated volume. The spicy vibe submerges and olibanum becomes richer with more woodsy vibes darkened by leather.
Black Tourmaline is soothing dark, mysterious, and fashion-mate fragrance, full of modern Gothic nuances. Once I was going to blind buy a "weird" perfume and sorted a list of top rated ones gathered upon comments and surveys, and one in the list was Black Tourmaline. Although I didn't pick it eventually but the time I tried for the first I found a standard high level oilbanum which is weird in the same position.
The essence of Black Tourmaline is on leather, pepper and olibanum. This trinity makes a dark, creamy-crispy, smoky and woodsy calm and gentle scene for that the fragrance is half formal half casual, not daily, not for warm weather, and informally luxurious. The third winning ace of Black Tourmaline is for its complexity; while many of olibanum-oriented fragrance exhibit humility and simplicity, Black Tourmaline presents it in a very detailed, Gothic, and thorough way,

The perfume has strong longevity, strong enough to cover a whole day, dry down included! Projection is ordinarily fair, not so great nor poor. One fact I capture is mostly olibanum perfumes suck in humid weather but practically this one does not, or at least is not cloying in humidity. Just give it a fresh dry weather and it gives you the best aura ever. There are too many olibanum or frankincense fragrances out there in the boutiques but I strongly suggest to get a nose on this one before any pick.
Fashionable sexy mellow darkness and one of the best in olibanum category.

Carpe Odor!

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