Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Seize the summer; Amouage Sunshine for men

Amouage Sunshine for men

Recently the Omani house of Amouage made two surprises; Sunshine for man and for woman, which, both are totally out of opulent sultanate style of Amouage, both are out of incense which is cornerstone of Omani culture. While most of Amouage creations are cold-weather fragrances, the last pack offers summery mood!
It is not officially declared in the house's webpage but it is said the noses behind Sunshine Man are Pierre Negrin (the most responsible portrait behind Amouage creations) and Fabrice Pellegrin.
This review is only for masculine version. The feminine version, sooner or later, will be added to the actual review.

Sunshine Man opens out with immense and realistic lavender. The fragrance has a paradoxical treat inside; lavender and freshness are two not-completely-overlapping parties that come together in Sunshine Man. Although the opening is on pure lavender, and the next step is citric and fresh, and the base of the fragrance is identified by cedar, the pillars of structure are based on coumarin. Intense dose of tonkabean swirls into lanvender and construct the vintage dandy and chic character of the perfume. You feel it. You feel the retro aromatic spicy theme which appears with creamy delicious herbal mood.

Creamy for lavender, natural, filtered and refined. I'm not very good with listing notes one by one, so I skip over explaining the role of bergamot and junipers. They are minor parties of element. Brandy and cedar has great influence on overall composition. Sunshine Man in overall smells like tobacco and sun-oil! And unlike most of Amouage creations which are impressive by their gigantic personas, Sunshine Man is straight sexy because of its simplicity and friendly manner. It sends a message, connects clearly, yet it is still firmly on Amouage's style, it's grand and bold. Just like Sunshine Woman it is not a fresh perfume, but it directly reminds summertime!

Sunshine Man is stingy, a little warm, a little herbal but not wild, it's urban, ultrachic, four season (not so wintery though, not even so summery), deep aromatic, spicy and active. It has great longevity (it stays for more than 18 hours on my skin) and great sillage (only over my wrist it flies softly and my sample is not a spray sample).
It's maybe not in my priority list but those who love lavender raw and bold, would most probably the ones who immediately put it in the basket after first testing! I assure!

Special thanks to Jovoy boutique in Tehran for their all the time helps and kindness!

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