Saturday, October 31, 2015

African Leather; African Leather by MEMO

African Leather by MEMO

Recently the Parisian perfume house of MEMO has announced for their latest release and the fourth member of Cuirs Nomades collection: African Leather. This is MEMO's fourth leather-oriented perfume created by Aliénor Massenet of IFF; the same portrait behind the most part of MEMO's portfolio. Formerly the house had released Irish Leather and Italian Leather in 2013 and French Leather in 2014. Eventually they just released African Leather which is available in some distributor boutiques.
African Leather is about westernized spicy effervescent leather. Just like the other three members of Cuirs Nomades collection, I predict the same reactions for this last creation. Some perfumistas believe MEMO fragrances are mediocre, some believe they are unique and not another replica, and made by high quality ingredients. For some creations as Jannat, Italian Leather, Lalibela and Shamd Oud, I join the second group and one aspect of African Leather that makes it outstanding and puts it in the house's number ones is high virginity of essential oils that deliver full HD quality of smell.

With a prelude of intriguing spicy charm upon cumin, cardamom and saffron, the fragrance blooms. This elixir is juiced and freshened by bergamot and soon, upcoming green floral toothpaste-like smell of crispy geranium appears.
A premium patchouli play infuses in, and the yummy spicy theme gradually merges into wild warmth of patchouli and leather. I expected a hardcore leather smellscape upon the title but leather in African Leather is so genuine and dandy. It's soft and not so dark, not so aggressive, totally unisex, a bit bitter and sweet and creamy. It's a soft and wild yet chic theme to amplify the warmth and velvety base. In the very deep base, you will capture the basic performance of oud and vetiver, and see how the concoction is orchestrated to begin with fresh spicy ancient theme and settle in warm fluffy subtle base.
African Leather has great longevity and higher than average projection. But what mesmerizes me is premium quality of few notes composing a nice complete fragrance.

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