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Magisterial amber; Ô Hira by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

Ô Hira by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

Close your eyes to not see whose this perfume is. Don't ask for price, we let you know when you've been purely seduced by the imaginary power of this soliflore animalic amber. Now smell your wrist. You feel the heaviness of gold. You feel special. This is Ô HiraThere are many masks in Venezia you can buy by 2€ or more but there are only few ateliers which provide custom artistic Venetian masks as you may have desired to own one, while watching Stanley Kubrick's bizarre Eyes Wide Shut. That is Ô Hira comparing to many so-called amber fragrances.

Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 (simply known as SHL 777) is a Parisian prestigious perfume house which is managed by the perfumer Mr. Lucas. He also has collaborated in several perfumes with Nez à Nez and SoOud. The house (SHL777 I mean) has released several impressively brilliant perfumes devoted to Middle Eastern cultures named after cities or famous places of the region. Each perfume has a story, a distinctive character and each carries the spirits of the place. Each perfume is so splendid, Ô Hira, nevertheless, is a special gem. It is calm, captivating, dark and brazen fragrance composed by amber (or as it is manifested in ads, by fossilized amber).
Certainly, you're not expected to believe - even considering the two years of creation - it is really fossilized amber used in the composition. Bearing in mind that the gemstone is expensive and has almost no particular smell (or at least not like this in the fragrance), the term "fossilized amber" deliberately refers to a high quality ambry composition Mr. Lucas has worked on.

Ô Hira, the story behind this perfume goes back to about 1500 years when Muhammad the prophet has received his first revelations by Gabriel the angel who brought messages from god. Hira (حرا) is the name of a small cave in Jabal an'Nur (جبل النّور) located about 3km from Mecca. This cave has certain sacred value for Muslims and they visit the cave during hajj rituals.

Few bloggers has written a review on the perfume, mainly because of eye rolling price and unavailability of the perfume in many boutiques. But reading Kafkaesque, she has nailed many things and I trimmed a part and posted here without changing the text in respect to her:
"I’ve had some correspondence with Monsieur Lucas, and he elaborated a little further. He spent more than two years working just on O Hira, using complicated, classical techniques of “distillerie, effeuillage, glacis” on the most expensive raw materials. The fragrance is an extrait with 24% concentration, and is intended to be the richest soliflore around. No, there is no actual fossilized amber, so if you’re imagining something dug up from the bowels of the earth and dating from prehistoric times, you’d be mistaken. However, it’s clear to me from the scent that Monsieur Lucas has worked very hard with not only labdanum but some other materials, including a few really dark resins, to create a scent that is as dark and as heavy as if it really had been dug up from the earth."

The beginning of Ô Hira is on a walloping boozy toffee-like labdanum. A dominant labdanum with plush pseudo-fruity hints that promise for woody vibes. The massive giant wave of smell seriously leaves you in a solitude to take a look at yourself once again; would you be fit for this fragrance?! I mean it, this is pure class. Not a fragrance for Mercedes. The click sound of the bottle cap must be parallel to that of doors of Maybach or Rolls Royce!
The labdanum is bone structure of the notorious erotic and brazen amber that Ô Hira is famous for; a viscous amber with immaculate labdanum and animalic nuances and cinnamon. For the giant labdanum, the first hour is soliflore, and strange animalic side of the flower assures you the amber you are facing is not an usual type.
Ô Hira sets down and leathery air and dry castoreum (not so sure about this but there is something very animalic and skanky in the depth) intensify the darkness labdanum has established. Fragrantica has mentioned the pyramid with three "ambergris" note in each layer! This is a serious lack. There might be so faint saline theme showing off in the very deep dry down that does not recall ambergris.
The depth of the fragrance doesn't cut off from labdanum and the flower still overpowers with less sweet, smokier, and darker nuances. Very oriental, very enchanting, and vehement sexy. A reference amber.

Something is wrong with this poster and it's unfit title and concept of photo! Hira is the name of a cave where Muhammad becomes prophet. But pigeon and spider web indicate to another cave in which Muhammad shelters from killers who were tracking him in the way to Madina. He escapes in and God makes the pigeon to nest there, and spider to weave a web and close the entry so everyone passing by thinks no one dwells in the cave. The cave in this picture is Thawr (الثور)

Ô Hira is an extrovert fragrance eager to expose, fit for cold weather, night, equally both genders, skin-mate, not a fragrance for any vacation. A king-size very ceremonial amber to defeat every single perfume around! Of course for such a royal unique jewelry you have to pay craftsmanship worth and not necessarily the material. And as the fragrance is notorious for, everyone's first concern is to compare its quality to its price. Luckyscent sells it really off-price for $750 per 50ml extrait, while it sells for $825 on Osswald and approximately the same price on some other boutiques.

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