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Chocolate pornography; Chocolate Greedy by Montale

Chocolate Greedy by Montale

How insanely you're greedy for chocolate? How impatiently you wait for Valentine's Day to bit that chocolates with passion?! How many times in your childhood you've been bribed by chocolate to give your possessions or do what you normally do not? Does these words make sense? Then you're a fan of Chocolate Greedy? This perfume is in fact Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in scent realm. An aromatic test to your chocolate-addiction level!

Tutti fruity colors, metal flasks, fancy shiny things and strange intense smells. Montale is famous for these as much as its Aoud series which is one accord participating in hundred perfumes! I seriously tried to understand this house but I really couldn't. I couldn't find an info about the guy behind theses all; Pierre Montale who has delivered more than 110 perfumes in about 10 years which only a mother mouse can break this record with hundreds of babies annually! Of course I don't counted Mancera.
No matter how they work, no matter who is Pierre Montale, the true fact is they are one of the top sellers in every boutique they provide and they have Mancra line which has another story. Chocolate Greedy is one of the most famous Montale perfumes and one of the most renown chocolate fragrances.

Heidilicious by Heili Klum

I imagine how assaulting the chocolate could be, if the intense sweet opening was not rendered with bitter orange's sourness. Pull the trigger and it starts with severe and enticing high dose of unprocessed cacao mixed with slightly burnt butter and ample vanilla, that in overall smells like biscuits in oven. It's hot, dry and gastronomic. One thing comes to mind and that's Chocolate Greedy is a formula stolen from a 50 years old chocolate shop in Paris a midnight and adapted to perfume; it is not a formula for liquid! I mean it, the volume of deliciousness in this fragrance is off the limit.
The heart of the fragrance, however, shows off less chocolate and transfers in more burnt, succulent, and strange dried-fruity theme. This all is harmonized by half ambery accord that responses for vanilla and coumarin and probably cinnamon. It smells like something burnt-caramelized in copper saucepot, something vegetal and sweet like pumpkin!

Who really wants to smell like chocolate factory?!

Ok, the smell is so certain, solid and wild gourmand with intense and seriously intense overdose of cacao and sweets but it's not a typical gourmand to wear in Christmas night. The biggest question mark above your head occurs just after you decide to wear Chocolate Greedy and it's "How the hell I'm supposed to wear this?". There's a big oxymoron about Chocolate Greedy and that's the perfume is one of the most inviting gourmands and one of the most renown, yet it is one of the most challenging ones to wear! Personally, I don't dare to wear such things cause it badly performs on me, and I really don't like to smell like a chocolate factory.

Since it's  Montale, you can assuredly blind buy if only longevity and projection is matter of concern for you. This house has monstrous performing perfumes for inexpensive price (the prices of Montale perfumes varies from market to market. In western markets it sells about $170 for 100ml while you can find about $100 or even less in some Mid-Eastern regions and India).

Carpe Odor!

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