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Mushroom, woodpecker, trout and smell of firewood; Fireside Intense by Sonoma Scent Studio

Fireside Intense by Sonoma Scent Studio

One million years ago human has discovered fire; a discovery that beside wheel, is of the three happenings that influenced the path of history of civilization (the third is usually considered Crusades). Fire, this curious physichemical exothermic combustion of organic materials, soon became the primitive human's everything. His nutrition changed, ceremonies happened to begin, and in general speaking, the mankind developed. A step on which no other animal was able to approach. The symbol of wrath of skies turned to human's domesticated power, the source of heat, as much as light and security. A charming waving totem, around which the security against wilder nature and the warmth against harsh climate was always guaranteed and donated.
Passing millions of years, still today, this is the habit we follow at fireside. Someone drinks whiskey, someone plays guitar, some people chat, children stare at fire, and some lean and stretch legs towards fire to warm up!

Laurie Erickson; the nose and the owner of the house; employs notes to deliver the feeling of a fireside: guaiac wood, nagarmotha, Texas cedar, Himalayan cedar, Indian sandalwood, agarwood, birch tar and cade, leather, oakmoss absolute, castoreum, amber.

Laurie Erickson, a self-made perfumer who holds master of Geomechanics from Stanford university, established Sonoma Scent Studio later than she began to blend essences and work on formulas, in 2004 and has slowly grown the business.

"I am attracted to natural themes, so I have created quite a few scents that are inspired by nature, whether it be a forest, a smoky winter day, a rose, or a tobacco leaf. I hope to create scents that connect to people’s memories and that are both beautiful and affordable."

Fireside Intense opens so vibrant with clear smell of virgin olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar. It's so amusing and left me rolled eye. However, this smell is subjective and not even an intro. It skips over quickly and reaches to fresh gray smoky smell of birch. This wood is my everything. I love it deeply for its wooden facets and its potentials to duplicate powdery leathery aura, and fabricate a dark exciting memorial atmosphere. Laurie captures the concept from her youth and happy memories of setting out with family to camp each summer. She deliberately delivers the aura and joy of being in nature with others, and leaves you free with your memories to pick your own take of firewood smoke smell on your shirt which is the only lovable disgusting smell on shirt.

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As you might now lounge in your sofa and dream about those marvelous summers with friends and family probably back in 90's when you're young and free from the chaotic daily life, the fragrance grows up in smokier woodsy theme. Actually I would like to stay in the beginning like everyone desiring not to get older!
A hint of medicinal pseudo-animalic urine-like smell of wood appears and we all know which note is notorious for: agarwood! It must be so tied to emotions that Laurie arrays eastern wood accords as sandal, oud, and guaiac to materialize her image of past; woods that are not local to American forests. That makes me rather excited! It's like being in Sahara and paint snow covered pines; talent, we call it, talent and power of imagination.

Leather accord appears and offsets birch, complements oud and guaiac. The fragrance now has approached its base. There's not sign of olive oil and balsamic smell that we faced at the very beginning. Oud is not aged and dried, guaiac shimmers, and birch is replaced by leather and soft sweetness of sandalwood.
The perfume could present castoreum, amber accord, and green cypress and nagarmotha, clearer if it would have lighter dose of woods; for massive use of woods the exotic side of perfume goes underneath and you must possess a keen nasal system to get castoreum from leather and birch. The composition is highly blended and it must be for containing high percentage of natural oils that of course promises for lasting power and essential effect.

Fireside Intense presents very potent, very long lasting about 9 hours on my skin, and average projection. The scent performs so solid and firm. It is smoky oud fragrance, soft woody, wearable, and type of smell you never find in designer and a dozen of niche fragrances. It's so daring. The scent is offered in 17ml and 34ml flacons with $42 and $75, respectively.

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