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Sumptuous rose gem of Arabia; Amouage Homage Attar

Homage Attar by Amouage

Chance to test Attar series of Amouage doesn't happen to everyone, and not all the perfumistas has wonderful friends as I do, to get samples of an almost nothing specially adequate fragrance in a minute bottle of Homage. Thus a galaxy of thanks to Amir D. who generously shares his passion and interest in perfumery with whomever he finds deserving to share!
Homage is a different case and distinct, valuable experiment that drew me in rose realm once again. Everyone who knows me, knows that I'm a rose-phobic and enemy of this plant by blood cause it gives me headache. However, mastery is when you're amazed by roses, specially bulky pink Taif rose with dusty smoky smell.

As those radical fans of premium Arabian perfumery know, Attar collection is out of access and ceased, and the house of Amouage hasn't announced any official news about the future or reproduction of these hefty-priced gems. Homage is a parfum oil delivered in 12ml and 30ml cubic bottle with glass pin, produced in 2008 in limited quantity for celebrations the house's 25th anniversary.

The term "Attar" that nowadays after widespread intention to oriental and Middle Eastern perfumery has become a frequently searched terminology in perfume encyclopedias, if fact indicates to the professional perfumery with natural ingredients. Fragrantica suggests that the term has roots in Urdu language; totally incorrect, cause Urdu is in fact a variety of Middle Asian Turkic languages used in army (Urdu in Turkish means troop) during Mughal era in Pakistan and partially in India. Furthermore, lingually it cannot be Urdo cause it follows Arabic grammar. It is unclear that where the the term Atr (عَطر, which means fragrance in both Persian and Arabic languages) comes from. Since this word has no root in Sanskrit and Indo-European languages, it is either Semitic (Arabic) or domestic ancient Iranian (languages which gone extinct before appx. 1000 B.C. by the beginning and expansion of local kingdoms and later Persian Empires) terminology which most of reliable sources suggests so. Anyhow, the word attar (subject form of "atr" which means to do perfumery or apothecary) means master of perfumery. In Persian language a herbalist is also called attar since herbalists knew making medicines, elixirs, poisons, antitoxins, soaps, perfumes and healing waters.

A book page including descriptions and illustrations of specific plants and way of extracting oils from. During Islamic Golden Age, Arabic was the language of science for its capability.

Now get back to our topic!
Homage opens with punchy exquisite soapy citrus accord deliberately mingled with premium quality olibanum, named silver frankincense. Since the fragrance is not a toilette or perfume version it is not so subjective from alpha to omega. Furthermore, keep this hint that attar oils (from any Arabian house it would be) are not complex in composition, but are premium in quality with few materials. That is demonstration of  artisinal talent of perfumers.

The incense party of Homage immediately dominate the atmosphere, until nuances of gratifying Taif rose join the party and takes hegemony. This is a dense, thick, gigantic and yet elaborate play of notes. An immense woodsy air with incense and agarwood (not so bold but considerable) at one side, dryness of rose at the other side, and citruses, together conjure up delightful luxurious happiness. Plush rose, soft jasmine, modest oud, flamboyant incense, juicy deserty lemon, and an oasis of ambery notes in dry down at the horizon when sandalwood softly chamfers the edges of incense. 
Homage is a king size rose. A breathtaking rose fragrance with rose not in focal point of formula. A vernacular demonstration of rich Omani incense culture. Like all extract oils, Homage has strong over-day longevity on skin (you really don't want to waste it on your clothes) and depends on your body temperature and where on your body you rob the perfume, it varies in sillage and projection. Usually oils perform better on wrist and neck.
The series are discontinued but you can still find some on eBay and it's all upon your luck, however, you may not feel lucky about the prices. The average price began from $500 for 12ml.

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