Monday, November 30, 2015

The jewel you splash: Jacinthe de Sapphir by DSH Perfumes

Jacinthe de Sapphir by DSH Perfumes

I read the translation of "Das Parfum" and in the translator's intro she nailed a very nice fact: "I wonder how possibly happens that among people of a country which a part of it are anosmic because of severe cold winters, one (Patrick Süskind) could deliver the most detailed beauty of perfumes". This is what I believe to, that geography has great impact of human's capabilities and physical and moral attributions. When I try DSH Perfumes, each of them, I always think about this that how a harsh mountainous climate as Colorado can grow such delicate mind in perfumery?
The last time we had conversation about Nourouz, Dawn S. Hurwitz indicated to Jacinthe de Sapphire as an improvement in what Nourouz spins around: hyacinth. To be honest my obsession with this heavenly flower began with Baruti Indigo before I did go through Nourouz, although this flower is a mandatory part of our festive culture!

Jacinthe de Sapphir is a part of the quadrant Ms. Hurwitz created for DAM (Denver Art Museum). The inspiration muse behind this collection is an exhibition of Cartier's Jewels in 20th Century. The collection contains Rubis RoséFumée d'OrJacinthe de Sapphire, and Deco Diamonds.

Queen Marie of Romania, the muse character behind Jacinthe de Sapphire

Being so impressed by the perfume itself, I double impressed by Ida Meister's wonderful pen when she begins her review with: "Breathtakingly Blue". Indeed, the perfume illustrates such blue and such glamour.
Jacinthe de Sapphire blooms with soil-like smell of bergamot and violet and hyacinth. I love violet. It smells like wet fresh early morning soil of garden beneath shrubs of flowers when the leaves are sweaty by dew drops. This  note has strong personality and responsibility to fit with gasoline leather as in early editions of Dior Fahrenheit, and nocturnal poetic delicacy as in James Heeley Nuit de Iris.
This fresh crispy opening is subjective, and gradually it is occupied by well-blended sweet, floral, animalic nuances. Rose appears beside soft hints of civet - which delivers so faint barnyard theme. This slight animalic hint promises for plush core and luxurious classic aura. This theme follows the path through powdery orris that enriches the fragrance.

What I may not like in the fragrance is a vibe of syrupy sweetness that stings my throat. It's not severe or bold but it is considerable close to skin. This is probably from floral side, specially hyacinth. I'm not sure. Jacinthe de Sapphire opens so blue and ends crimson. It's a queen-size modest fragrance and a tribute to beauty of nature. The fragrance has moderate lifetime with about four hours of moderate projection. It's more like a personal skin-mate perfume to finalize the beauty of a jewel necklace around sculptural bust of a delicate woman; something as close to skin as a jewel.

Carpe Odor!

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