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The smell you have never read; Bull's Blood by Imaginary Authors

Bull's Blood by Imaginary Authors

Francisco Goya, Disparate de Tontos, 1877

Where curiosity and innovation exceeds compositions with an bold idea behind, I follow the trend with highest interest. Josh Meyer, the perfumer and founder of brand-new Californian indie perfume house; Imaginary Authors; creates perfumes with a remarkable concept. His perfumes are named after books which have never been published, written by authors who have never been seen at a table in corner of a cafe. Very artistic and smart idea. I could have many words for the concept only but I'm here for the smell, and you feel it more amusing when you try the fragrances. Bull's Blood was my first try and it's a perfume on which we can talk and talk so I picked my first from the house to review.

So the imaginary author behind Bull's Blood is Devante Valéreo. Meyer describes the concept of the fragrance this way:
"Devante Valéreo was raised in a dusty Spanish village on the Balearic Sea. He fondly recalled going to the bullfights with his father, an ex-picador, and credited those early experiences with inspiring his most popular novella, Bull’s Blood. The book’s lurid tale of seduction garnered obscenity charges against the author. Though the charges were rejected by the court, a ban on the sale of his works persisted for a number of years..."
When I first searched for Imaginary Authors it was soon after their launch and Fragrantica announced it. Immediately many blogs and Facebook communities started talking about. It was apparently a revolutionary perfume line which everything was amazing: titles, tags, concepts, even the notes were intriguing. And all is...

For Bull's Blood listed notes are patchouli, rose, costus root (which I discovered in Nu-Be Sulphur), tobacco, black musk, and bull’s blood. Yeah, bull's blodd! There's no limit for innovation and creativity in synthetic perfume world that much that Chandler Burr once said "making perfume without synthetics is like painting without red and blue" and everything is possible in this realm. Create an accord which no one has done before and name "mom's testicles"... who cares! The matter is the final effect you give.  But seriously, what the hell is "bull's blood"? I don't disguise or whatsoever, it actually tickles me! I like it in a way! Meyer's stuff are seriously sources of curiosity, kind of scientific approach to perfumery intimated with artistic conceptualization.

Bull's Blood initiates with sweet, smoky, floral vibe and this opening is dark crimson, bloody. Everything mentioned in the description provided in the house's webpage about the perfume is commemorative of what is happening in the perfume: blood, Spain, dusty, oriental, bull...
There's hints of saffron in the opening mingled with tobacco and it's sweet, fresh, and intoxicating. I clearly see how saffron swirls into rose and tobacco (leafy and as real as in Havana). The tobacco is dusty, aromatic, and exotic to make enchanting feature out of morbid bloody theme.

Vibes of patchouli charges rose and tobacco and recalls animalic nuance which is the night's performer. The patchouli is sweet and resinous. The following is surprisingly realistic smell of blood but not metallic and milky as in Blood Concept Red +MA, it is rather dusty and phenolic. It is barnyard animalic, dirty, skanky and kind of kinky. Bold smell of sweaty farm animal, grey'ish, leathery and musky. That immediately reminds me of Lament for Ignacio Sánchez Mejías (he was killed by a bull in the battle field), a poem by Federico García Lorca:
The cow of the ancient world passed her sad tongue over a snout of blood spilled on the sand, 
and the bulls of Guisando, partly death and partly stone, bellowed like two centuries sated with threading the earth.
No, I will not see it!

The animalic theme dominates and the core of the fragrance is not arrived totally and it occupies the entire composition. Bull is now quite furious. The death, the matador's or the bull's is coming. The death is not a quick hit, it gradually and dramatically lasts about hours to finally the smell of skin (a dark powdery grey leather repeated in Comme de Garçons Tar) spread into air.

Bull's Blood is a dramatic kind of fragrance with charming bizarre atmosphere, which only a professional perfumista or a nut for animalics can bear with such rigid mythical smell of musk and leather. It has good longevity (about 8 hours) but what socks is its quick transmission and skipping the first layer. Otherwise it would definitely place in my basket. Yet $85 for 60ml is nothing to worry about!

Carpe Odor!

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