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Armani Privé Oud Royal by Giorgio Armani

Armani Privé Oud Royal by Giorgio Armani

What else could be nicer than oud in such frozen days!? Nevertheless, since this blessed wood is now as widespread as McDonlads, it is boring to dig for the best ever.
The aperture between mass product and exclusive series of some brands is that big that you can say they are two different routes. One of which is Giorgio Armani. This brand has two separate portfolios: silly mediocre Code series and so on, and Armani Privé series which include some earth-shattering releases. Regardless to what reason lies behind, some part of Armani Privé series are indeed high-end creations and Oud Royal is so. The fragrance is composed by Evelyne Boulanger in 2010 (some say it's 2011).

Edmund Dulac, A Loaf of Bread (illustration from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam), 1937

One aspect that grabs me in with Oud Royal is its sumptuous poetic air that takes me away into Khayyam's quadrants and Rumi's mystical enthusiasm in spirituality. Oud Royal is a simple composition of few essential elements to describe the oriental and Middle Eastern feelings in the best way and in a complex manner. A simplex masterpiece.
The opening of Oud Royal is so romantic and delightful with soliflore rose and dry incense. I may mark for some fruity scent also, something dry and boozy a little. Quickly after this opening, saffron jumps and infuses in.
Saffron has a strange type of smell. It's not like any other spice. It's dry, sweet, bitter, a bit leathery, a bit animalic just the way birch wood is, and smoky. This spice perfectly fits to woods, incenses (very good duet) and rose (specially dry roses).

Saffron also merges within amber accords better than any other mate; specially high-labdanum ambers with skanky pseudo-animalic vibes scream for saffron to bring it to infinity.
Oud Royal settles in very dry and smoky incense, a bit leathery and oudy. Oud brings wealth: the drier, the wealthier. And this wealth is followed by luxurious looseness; it's harlot of oriental themes, specially when shades of amber accord appear in the dry down with tamed labdanum and soft milky sandalwood. But there's something homey and friendly like smell of dust scattered in a fragrant room, I don't know what this dusty blend is but I wish it appeared from the beginning. It's so seductive, so resinade, and awesome like myrrh.
There are only few notes mentioned for this composition but those I get are: saffron, rose, sandalwood, labdanum, cinnamon, myrrh (probably), oudwood, incense which is not frankincense, and probably a booze, an aromatic one like gold rum.

Very interesting, unlike most of oud-oriented fragrances that are charged with saffron and rose, Oud Royal has moderate longevity and projection. Seems it wants to stay close to skin and do not scream out. I like this behavior, you know! One thing that really socks is some people still don't know how to wear oud! I see many unfit sport styles matched to oud! Oud Royal stays for about 5 hours on my skin with mellow and modest un-punchy projection. It is $290 for 100ml in Armani webpage.

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