Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Absolution: Agarwood Intricate by Boadicea the Victorious

Agarwood Intricate by Boadicea the Victorious

Back in days about 5 years ago, I was talking to a friend about Versace Dreamer that he told something about Dreamer that I still use for the perfume: "Women are afraid of it, it scare them!"
Certainly no one fear from a perfume but it was totally understandable that the statement refers to massive volume of overmanliness in the perfume.
Today, after years of trying thousands of perfume and barely face one to fit that comment, I'm wearing a massive fragrance for which the same statement is valid, nevertheless, I can emphasize "even men are afraid of it".
Ask everyone to give Intricate a go on their skin... I asked several hardcore-nut friends and the first impressions were "great stuff but not for me". Seriously why?

Intricate is a £450 per 100ml perfume from Courage Collection of the British brand, Boadicea the Victorious and I must say what a name! If I was in their shoes I would call it Absolution cause all it has is a gigantic complex solidity without any delicacy. It is an unity in so-called perplexing oriental themes. The house describes it:
"Intricate is an earthy sexy fragrance; uncompromising and dominant. This scent is for the confident individual who wants to be noticed. There is an animalistic quality to this fragrance that provides a truly devilish charm. Intricate makes a heady impression on first application, but dries down to a fluid and intoxicating blend; smooth and dangerously sensual."

Raluca Kirschner in her review calls Intricate an "avant-garde" perfume but I rather like to call it an accidentally achieved beauty of intense and daring heady warmth.

Intricate opens with sort of pseudo-gastronomical resin-coated oud. If we consider three layers of perfumes, Intricate lack the top notes apparently. The fragrance is lush and grown by the birth. Smoky resins, leathery, musky and powdery tones and lots of woods. Woods, specially wet damp agarwood as performed in MFK Oud series plus oak-like woodsy composition which we witness in Nasomatto Duro.

Oud, beside its erotic aura, charming mesmerizing feature, and its mysterious aspects - or what else - has skanky vibe that apparently smells like someone has not taking shower for weeks. This nasty smell certainly intensifies with any touch of leather or resinous notes which both exist in the composition.
Intricate smells like someone unwashed who works with leather and probably oils, so don't let the notes fool you. Primarily, it is not your missing unique oud-optimizing fragrance that you searched everywhere for.
I had high hopes for the dry down to smell refined woodsy smell but hell no, the leather resin authority still takes hegemony and the fragrance goes stubbornly linear. Intricate is rustic metallic, astringent sweet, woody resinous, leathery, dark and soft smoky like newly cut logs.

Longevity?! A die hard. I hardly could get rid of it in the second day by taking shower and rubbed my wrist as hard as want to get rid of all sunbath I took in summer! Same story in projection. Very massive. I wonder how this uncontrolled longevity and projection imparted in such massive not-for-everyone smell works? But all in all, it's not a disgusting fragrance at all, not bad but so edgy and so pugnacious.

Carpe Odor!

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