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The perfumes you drink: 1679 by Frapin

1679 by Frapin

Pierre de Nishapur

Among all the spirits and boozes, cognac has distinct value to me. First because of the aristocratic leisure it delivers, and because of intoxicating woodsy gourmand aroma beneath sharp alcohol vapor. It is warm, floating, aged, charming and sexy smell! I usually love twisted gourmand smells.
Frapin 1697 is a twisted gourmand boozy spicy fragrance that punches in your face like odd smell of wine cellars or cheese cellars. You know something valuable is there but you feel suspended to love the smell as much as taste!

Pierre de Nishapur

The Frapin family has been working in winery, and later, on award-winning cognacs since 1270 until today that they reached a successful point in cognac as much as in perfumery. The perfume line of the house is as important as their oak cask matured cognacs. The house spends a notable budget to make perfumes. Two perfumes among their portfolio are named after two important dates in history of the house: 1270 and 1697. 1697 is a tribute to the year Louis XIV gave his apothecary Pierre Frapin the right to own a coat of arms.

Among all Frapin perfumes I tested, 1697 is a different case of study. This perfume is in fact a troublesome fragrance that many people reject in first hour, and rightfully! 1697 is all about hate/love and nothing in between. Bearing in mind that it's a Bertrand Duchaufour's creation we can reckon that it is something valuable, by default, cause no one gonna pay thousands of euro to a master perfumer to get a mediocre result! Furthermore, predictably, a gourmand touch in the perfume is default of his art.

Pierre de Nishapur

1697 opens with extreme Serge Lutens'ish spicy vibe, infused in boozy woodsy accords. It is harsh herbal, thick spicy, so wild and so fungal. I have clear vision of memories from past with artemisia and so much other grasses with unclear punchy smells. The beginning of 1697 is outrageous and you may even feel vomiting. Not kidding!

The fragrance sets down in core with softer (the strange grass gourmand smell does not disappear) fruity, dry, boozy and spicy floral theme. Believe me you don't expect such daring composition from a settled cognac house who's first income is not perfume. This could be something which I wouldn't surprise if was released by Norma Kamali or Rundholtz.

Pierre de Nishapur

The complete heart of perfume is a soft penetrating and charismatic, warm velvety smell of dry fruits and amber notes (coumarin and vanilla dominant) and cloves. This little devil plays from the beginning to the end, cloves I mean! Finally in the dry down and core of the fragrance you get it very sexy and welcoming!

If you're gourmand lover, or even a gourmand nut, do not blind buy 1697, take my advice. This perfume is one of the most challenging and unfit ones ever. Very rigid, very bizarre gourmand, massive and very subtle herbal sweet. A pronounced, extrovert, indoor perfume only for winter nights. Actually I don't like it but I write cause I found it very favorable for groups of people and I really can't get it now! It's way much aristocratic for me, I'm not that formal.
Surprisingly, it has mediocre longevity and it was somehow expected from Duchaufour cause he mostly focuses on smell and not presentation. So as longevity, projection is not so bold, happily of course!

Carpe Odor!

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