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Strong sylvan presence: 07 Tanoke by Odin

07 Tanoke by Odin

The first time I tried 07 Tanoke I had been enchanted by several olibanum scents and their Catholic atmosphere, as Comme des Garçons Avognon, James Heeley Cardinal, and Jovoy La Liturgie des Heures. The other side, it happened when I was so amused by floral mossy creations of 80's; rigid, macho sporty, green oily masculines as Ferré for Man 1986. So I was out of smokes somehow.

The New Yorker house of Odin borrows the idea of Tanoke from spectacle of wild hinterlands of California.
Notes listed for Tanoke are: spice ginger, bitter orange, black pepper, gaiacwood, smokey incense, nutmeg, Brazilian redwood, patchouli, black musk.

Tanoke is a plain and straightforward woody incense fragrance. It triggers so dry. No, it's arid dry. Arid and smoky with hint of newly sewed timbers merged in ginger and some citrus but there's no sign of freshness. Right from the beginning there's a pungent smell of confer-like incense which partially is frankincense but it is not as pure as in churchy creations mentioned above. Mingled with this incense, I capture a soft and hidden smell of carnation and something pseudo-oakmossy that links to classics.

Soon later, a carpentry smell rises and the whole composition turns into a massive crunchy woodsy tone. Woody fragrances are potentially the simplest of all groups, and wood, unlike its strange odd smell, has simple olfactory shape. But in this solid woodsy fragrance musk and nutmeg are key points and they construct the heart of the performance. Yet, what should seriously take in consideration is the inspiration that is in contrary to the concept of perfume.

The house notified that they made it upon north Californian woods, but what I clearly smell is rigid, colossal, inflexible, and spiritless Soviet sculptures and architecture with stony, straight, time-related and geometric physics instead of forests of an American coast. I mean the fragrance lacks something seriously and it's spirit. Like Soviet art, Tanoke is suitable for specific mood. It's not a perfume you wear every time you desire on every style you wish. You should be on the right mood, right weather, right costume to wear it, and it's a big disadvantage for a great incense/wood perfume.

Tanoke is an uncomplicated, comfortable, autumnal, sensuous, casual incense, and a pure woody fragrance which is called unisex but since woods are more identified by men, it leans to masculinity. The perfume has great longevity on my skin with over 8 hours, and moderate sillage.

Carpe Odor!

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