Saturday, April 16, 2016

Giant white cloud: White Spirit by Juliette has a Gun

The French perfume house of Juliette has a Gun which has separately released a couple of tuberose-optimizing exclusives (Moon Dance and Oil Fiction) adds another member around the harlot flower of perfumery and amber accord, named White Spirit. A floralamber extremely minimalistic fragrance with chalk white powder floating in fragrance liquid that reminds shake before use medicines! It is quite intriguing, to be honest, as much as the scent itself. Unfortunately the house has not declared about the concept of white powder and its material.

To continue about perfume I need to briefly flashback to another hit of the brand that with its innovative title and quite conventional smell rose to the top of the collection: Not a Perfume. A perfume or unperfume with only one single note revealed and it is a prepared variation of extremely fresh and soft animalic amber accord.

Not a Perfume immediately evokes an extremely minimal, simplified, and type of "less is more" atmosphere that for me is olfactory equivalence of contemporary cubic concrete architecture. So white, light grey, totally inoffensive, muted, divine and weightless.
White Spirit conjures up the same mood in a floral way with more powdery effect. It is fresh grassy green and brittle floral with tamed and un-erotic tuberose that reminds me lactose-free Tetrapak milk! It's indole-free tuberose oil or something. But it doesn't mean bad! I exemplify this way to deliver my impression. The general ambiance is around tuberose but there's something largely different in the perfume that isolates it from any other kin of the flower, and it's uncontrolled and blatant use of highly earthy notes manipulated by cedar and musky nuances and the amber. This amber is definitely the same guy played in Not a Perfume. Its vibrant presence evokes a high contrast photo of a random building taken by a keen artistic camera.

I searched a lot and find the very thing I wanted taken by dear "alfarom" from "Nero Profumo" perfume blog

The contrast between shades and lights in the heart of performance turns to white and frosted vista once again. Normally such monotonic performance instantly turn me down to drop some stars but something keeps me thinking about White Spirit and that's insisting unpigmented and weightless blanch like a white balloon. It's a colossal white cloud embracing everywhere.

Parallel to this creation I find some similarities with Van Cleef & Arpels Bois d'Iris. My personal statement about Bois d'Iris on Fragrantica is "luxurious feminine porcelain skin, life-long cared by best made ever creams and washed by finest soaps, would smell such divine like Bois de Iris". Though this statement may not necessarily fit White Spirit, this perfume strongly snaps purity that comes not only by white flowers of the head - tuberose and jasmine - but also charged by arrangement of ambrocenide (a diffusive agarwoody amber), ambroxan (a replacement for ambergris) and ambrettolide (powerful musky fruity and fresh odor) and soft hint of sandalwood in base.
White Spirit has jaw-dropping longevity and projection, very linear, very constant, and strong in personality.

Carpe Odor!

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