Monday, September 26, 2016

Smoky medicinal camphor and unfloral rose: Royal Mayfair by Creed

"The House of Creed releases Royal Mayfair, a vaulted scent bespoke for the Duke of Windsor. Royal Mayfair debuts nearly 80 years after its original commission as one of the brand’s most coveted accords. Known as London’s most posh neighborhood, Mayfair thrives as one of the globe's most desirable fashion hubs, toting high-end labels that attract the super-stylish and elite. Originally launched to the public as Windsor in 2009, it was reissued in 2010 and 2011 in limited quantities. Renamed Royal Mayfair, fashionable and daring, it celebrates all men of style and London’s premier fashion destination. The Mayfair district is home to our London-based Creed boutique."

I copied this description from Creed official to give the shortest and most accurate description behind creation. I'm sure I would talk all night just about this part. Furthermore, since I'm not going to describe Royal Mayfair upon resemblance to Windsor, I skip over it and begin my impressions.

I came across Royal Mayfair about two months ago while in summer vacation. Gave it a quick go on my skin and the first whiff promised for a charm and lots of compliment which I predicted correctly! It is not an exceptional perfume in Creed framework since all Creeds are compliment experts but compared to many others it's so high in public. I'm not a compliment-beggar but to be honest this characteristic made me quite tied to it for a couple of weeks!

Royal Mayfair's birth gives me a quick hint of Yves Saint Lautrent's sweaty eucalyptus; Body Kouros. But it's an ephemeral mirage cause the coarse eucalyptus immediately mingles with lime and smoky conifer. Prominent lime is arrayed with coniferous smoky incense air that brings about a bristly texture though the eucalyptus has sappy green quality in first whiffs that emerges camphorous air. Very masculine and beginning, a bit sulfuric and acrid sour with lime that crawls in and out of focus around the leaf.

Soapy floral rose and fizzy gin engage in coniferous and lime-optimized eucalyptus, for that the result is a medicinal shade of cough syrup that gives birth to an aromatic incense-ward cedar in heart which itself promises for a classy musky soapiness in dry down. This is while an unfloral rose with kind of sporty manly appearance offsets gin which itself doesn't appear much boozy, and this duet reminds me the same duet in Emanuel Ungaro Pour l'Homme III, nevertheless the final polishes are two different worlds and Royal Mayfair sets for feminine side too.

Yet we can't easily name an akin to it without considering impact of sparkling astringent lime on herbaceous eucalyptus. Royal Mayfair is a real Creed. A bit conservative, safe, sporty, casual and classy, almost formal and vibrant and translucent. Moreover, it has a very potent sillage in the first hours of performance and then stays almost in close contact! Yet, a satisfying longevity is its winning factor. It stays for long on skin and woos till dry down.

Royal Mayfair has a smoky floral facet within, for which it is marketed as unisex but I personally wouldn’t wear it if I was a woman cause the rose - which seems to be the only feminine element among too much of herbaceous and coniferous notes - doesn’t play that feminine, just gives a rounded twist to rebel main theme. It almost stays close to classy sporty masculine side with least possible resemblance to romantic masculine roses. But surely as long as it is not written in holy books, there's no restriction to use by women!

Cary Grant is my classy sporty portrait for masculine side of Royal Mayfair.

One hint about compliments. Creed has proficiency in blending concoctions that guarantee mass compliments and mostly are safe to blind buy fragrances. Though Royal Mayfair is a safe fragrance and so wearable for cold weather, it is a risky fragrance to blind buy cause this kind of smoky modern-apothecal herbal theme is not on everyone's radar, specially with its astrologically high price.

By the way, some databases ranked it floral fruity gourmand, for which I could laugh a whole day!

Carpe Odor!

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