Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Comfortist lemon: Altruist by J.F. Schwarzlose

J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin which is a heritage house of perfumery based in Berlin, came up with a modern citrus-optimizing creation in March 2016 which is a collaboration with Véronique Nyberg: the nose behind JFS perfumes.

"The aim of Schwarzlose was to give the artist a maximum influence in all aspects of this project, including not only the concept, name and the look but also the composition of the scent itself."
...the house declares. For their 2016 project they collaborate with Paul DeFlorin who joined Véronique Nyberg in Paris to create the fragrance.

To get straight to the point I skip to the fragrance. The beginning of Altruist is singularly on my interest. It initiates with translucent marine citrus air that immediately emerges a comfortable and decent clean saline mood. It's a postmodern plastic citrus fragrance with tinge of delightful pepper which itself is reminiscent of the note in Comme des Garçons perfumes. This pepper brings the perfume to a midpoint where it lingers between a classical cologne type accentuated by modern prominent pepper. As a result this would be Comme de Garçons' tribute to classical eau de cologne compositions. Yet, the pepper is not the focal point here but a catalyst to turn easy-going lemon into fresh spicy main theme. A hint of floralcy offsets the lemony side and brings woody heart forth. Wood in Altruist is highly anonymous and unidentified, like just the term "wood" that doesn't specify any flora or specie. It's simply woody to give birth slight depth and casual class to raw lemon. Also it calls up a fer-like greenness for which lemon looks so posh and fashionable as much as comfortist!

Altruist in overall is a fashionable, casual, almost masculine, faintly floral, classic/modern, woodsy and very functional with moderate sillage and moderate projection, that needs rapt attention cause it's not a describable fragrance by reviews unless you experience on your skin.

Carpe Odor!
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