Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Peculiar marine floral: Villa Lympia by Oriza L. Legrand

The Boardwalk on the Beach at Trouville, Claude Monet, 1870

In extension to my previous post which was about a heritage house of perfumery engaged in a modern release, I follow the trend with Villa Lympia from the Oriza L. Legrand which itself is a resurrected 19th century house of perfumes who introduced a new formula related to mid-20th century's vintage with modern aspects.

Villa Lympia starts off with a tantalizing wild floral whole which is highly intriguing and I personally could not match a precise reference to this familiar smell. It's apothecal and fresh summery with nautical dimensions without being cloyingly structured around Calone. Wild floral, plasticy, luxurious and powdery with an industrial accent and peculiar art-deco'ish spirit. Sea salt swells in dried wood, decay has set in and tiny shells nested on its body. This note participates to give impression of pallor-colored drift wood to enhance the feeling of being on hot sands of beach. Beside this I get some aldehydic marine note also that keeps the floral side of mimosa (and probably immortelle) up and gives it an ozonic and rich mineral smell that appeared in CK2 by Calvin Klein too.

The base of Villa Lympia presents less piercing floral and more rounded saline fruity and earthy tones. It has sufficiently strong longevity on my skin and powerful projection in first hour. What makes this perfume unique might be its dissemblance to any other known example. It's way soapy, apothecal, floral, nautical, sparkling and spiky with a distinct sporty classic casual manner and strange artistic twist.

Carpe Odor!

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