Friday, November 11, 2016

A marine lavender: Le Barbier de Tanger by Parfums MDCI

Parfums MDCI which I hesitate to simply call a niche perfume house, didn't announce for their latest release; Le Barbier de Tanger. MDCI is a not-that-large house of perfumery with a gigantic effect and participation in perfume industry that puts mercenary aims in second degree of priority after timeless compositions from past in high quality. This is why I respect the house while not all their creations are on my radar.

Le Barbier de Tanger is a masculine fragrances with authentic barbershop ambiance and clean and crisp fresh fougère air. Claude Marchal, the director of Parfums MDCI, speaks about idea behind Le Barbier de Tanger:
Drawn from a distant memory of an unforgettable experience with a barber in Aleppo where I did my military service back in 1986-1988. As I would not want to take advantage of the tragic fate of this city where I have so many fond memories, I chose Tangier where I spent a number of Summers as sailing instructor for Club Med!
The fragrances uncorks with a bucketful of a familiar fresh spicy accord of cardamom, citrus compilation (bergamot, lemon, petitgrain and ripe tangerine), accelerated by basil and clean marine note which itself keeps joints between classic 80's aromatic fougère and modern sport aquatics.

This inviting and not-completely-avuncular dapper scent enhances once paired by a powdery and fresh lavender that has camouflaged woody undertones. Lavender brings about a fresh piercing mood to citrus top which reminds me Chanel Platinum Égoïste. This is the heart of the fragrance which immediately emerges what Anne-Sophie Behaghel - the nose behind this creation - aimed for: a true barbershop aroma and an easy going sartorialist aromatic fougère.

The base of Le Barbiere de Tanger meets fully masculine air with more woody and green notes. Oakmoss, vetiver, amber and patchouli remarked for a decent and quintessential shave-mate accessory. Le Barbier de Tanger is a mandatory fragrance every gentleman and whoever obsesses with face-shaving should own a bottle. Made by French but it evokes an English tailor-made mood. For some aspects it reminds me Invasion Barbare but it indeed is younger, more common and frequent, more sporty (while Invasion Barbare's trouser crease cuts like a dagger), and bright. Le Barbier de Tanger could be a golf court or a polo match cologne. I mean some classy sport activity, not watching football with a plastic pint of warmed beer in hand! The fragrance has a considerable longevity and soft medium sillage on my skin that keeps frenzy cardamom and lavender close to me in a private boundary.

Carpe Odor!

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