Saturday, November 5, 2016

Strong, enchanting and mysterious: Sheiduna by Puredistance

Here we are with the latest release of Puredistance in collaboration with Cécile Zarokian; the perfumer who is frequently glittered this last months for her efforts for higher class perfumeries. By the beginning of 2016 she delivered Fêtes Persanes for Parfums MDCI which is spice coated with spice, and aftermath four fragrances for Jacques Fath and several others meantime, she is now the nose behind Sheiduna. Cécile Zarokian's expression of spice is unique to herself. She's goddess of spices and she reflects her imagination once again in Sheiduna; the latest fragrance of Puredistance.

Sheiduna is a strange yet familiar bouquet of spice that displays out with fresh citruses merged into yummy sweet and pseudo-marine spicy flavour. The beginning has a fruity side and a spicy side, that are not in a peaceful coexistence with each other. Each side tries to overwhelm and the result of this clash, no doubt, brings warmer dimensions towards saporific ambiance that itself calls for a rich oriental throne. I feel somehow pareidoliac about the aldehyde used in this fragrance. My perception of aldehyde is undeveloped. I know a little about this giant category but a basic definition of this theme marks for a soapy, powdery floral and semi-animalic sweetness which is mostly mirrored in 50's and 60's classics and is obviously absent in this blend. Zarokian's aldehyde presents modern sweet and delicious features that is so adaptable with both citrus accord and ambrosial spicy theme, more of an effect than a particular smell. Ambrosial I said cause just a little after application you get fine oriental smoky side of perfume bolder: a mixture of myrrh and incense adorned by Bulgarian rose and divine geranium, which evokes curvilinear femininity and mysterious warm ambery base. While the entity of Sheiduna supposed to be dry the base is structured by a tender vetiver and measured touch of incense that register for the fragrance's opulence as much as its coziness and friendliness.

I can't strongly say Sheiduna is my type of perfume but what I adore in this fragrance is Zarokian's humble use of incense. This ingredient is usually synonym of rushing smoky and spicy boost but Sheiduna's incense is celestial, divine and silky like a very delicate curtain of smoke and spice over oriental theme.
Sheiduna is introduced feminine fragrance which indeed is but tonka bean, vanilla and lemon are strong enough to give a masculine hint, vaguely reminiscent of Chanel Allure Pour Homme.
All in all, it's a flawless fragrance, unisex, modest yet opulent with strong rave on skin. I like it on others more than on me, and it's only a personal taste. I'm a man for animalic and ambers.

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