Monday, February 27, 2017

In the galaxy of orange blossoms: Zagara by Norma Kamali

Orange blossom, source: Pinterest
Sense of smell is a strange ability of human that conjures imagination and sensuality, and in a way abstract perception of environment. It is a sense that never understood precisely after mankind stood on two feet and relied on sights which delivered him a power no animal were gifted in that form. Yet, seems the tracks of such comprehensive ability remained with human to torture him with memory! Maybe this is why fragrances always conjure up nostalgia.
Where we were? Yes, in the middle of my eternal journey into galaxy of orange blossoms to reach the heaven my grandpa lies. Rest in peace! He gave me a gift from the utmost divine beauty of nature: orange blossom, and left me a full garden of orange, mandarin and citrus where I lose myself each late April...
But grandpa, blossoms are so ephemeral. Show me the way to have them all year long... "You should begin a long journey with no destination. Each stop is a diary to your past and childhood, enjoy it, or suffer with memories of past, up to you!" He said.

And now I'm on a stop. Zagara by Norma Kamali. I linger a while, rest, enjoy, close my eyes and take a deep and constant breath of pure orange blossom aroma in and refresh inside and outside like a purifying fountain in a holy chamber.

The discontinued fragrance of Norma Kamali, Zagara, was one of the purest and best tributes to citrus realm. A linear, fresh green, brittle and unbloomed orange blossom pod in liquid form with blue-ray quality. There's not actually too much to describe. This is one of the most mot exquisite neroli scents ever.
Opens with neroli allied with pale synthetic glue-like note that brings about a glue'ish and pseudo-strawberry render, plus soil-like wetness that comes from a chypre-inclining modern petitgrain.
A classic neroli in overall, in between Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler and classic 4711 by Maurer&Wirtz. There are too many classical neroli colognes out there to fill the gap, yet I should say so sad that this is discontinued.

Carpe Odor!

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