Sunday, April 9, 2017

Niche is not dead, yet: Geste by Humiecki & Graef

Ad picture of Geste by the house of H&G

"Niche is dead". This is what you hear frequently usually from renown niche perfume producers agitated by the mess and mass in uncontrolled growth of so-called exclusive perfume industry hit the markets this last years. Niche might be dead, but not as long as Humiecki & Graef is there. From many angles this house fits definition of niche perfumery with outrageous ideas tied to human emotions, intriguing smells composed of irrelevant sources, and superior quality...

Well I usually don't judge if the idea fits scent but what in fragrances of H&G comes to front page is their concepts that are focal points of creations. Geste (guess it's French of Gesture); this perfume has a teasing concept. It's about an adult woman's affair with a soft-skinned younger man. I don't care if man's in legal age, I'm not an attorney, but the concept gives me a funny impression of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec canvases showing brothel women with large sizes, and also the scene of first intimacy of Salvatore with prostitute in Cinema Paradiso movie. I love them both, the painter and the movie. I believe scent itself is source of inspirations without saying a single word.

Photo taken from Pinterest

Geste opens with a blast of candied violet and probably myrtle in a soft sparkling mineral render that evokes sensually young yet grown femininity like a woman in her thirties. This sweetness has a medicinal twist that reminds me Smarties dragées. In collaboration with this floral delicacy, from the beginning, participation of incense is notable. There's an embracing and comfortable vibe of smoke and resin, redolent of soothing incense of Gucci Pour Homme (the incense legend). This tender fuliginous ambiance is somewhere between wood, resin and incense with dry coniferous nuances. A floral hint, soft skin-smelling musk, woody balsam, plus ambrosial vibe lace into the violet and confectionery sweetness of the top, and bring about a supreme intimacy with softly floralized feminine skin smell. It's sheer, silvered, muted, warm and inviting. I guess with this description I gave the clue how close to skin is sillage. You almost has no radius of scent but it lurks on skin for quite a long.

I personally don't care if a nice fragrance is poor in projection. The mood it gives me worths a lot and Geste gives me such exciting and sensual mood. The fragrance is called feminine but I feel so excited whenever I wear it. The scent unlike outrageous concept is quite wearable and versatile. Cozy smoky and sweet floral with some faint animalic boost in the very base.

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