Monday, April 17, 2017

Scent of tobacco, sense of trust: Close Up by Olfactive Studio

Left: close up shut of eye from "Your Beautiful Eyes" series by Suren Manvelyan, left: new bottle of Olfactive Studio

Smell of tobacco and coffee instantly give me sense of trust and friendship. The source of this emotional impression partially comes from the art society I was a member in. Every Tuesday we used gather in our local few blocks down the Armenian district in Tehran in an amber-lighted cafe away from cars and horns, where tobacco boxes, coffee, and handmade pipes are exhibited on shelves to ceiling. Cozy place, friendly environment and good friends... and of course smell of tobacco and coffee.

Close Up is Olfactive Studio's 2016 launch their first in new bottle. There's a photographic concise behind every creation of this French house of fragrance, to whom it might help to introduce the brand. Each perfume is titled after a terminology of photo art, and one photo by a famous artist for each perfume. The artist of Close Up is Armanian renown photographer Suren Manvelyan and the nose behind the formula is who submitted her name for iconic perfumes of mainstream brands: Annick Menardo.

While there's a feminine swirl in tobacco fragrances, nothing on the earth can satisfy men higher; instead of bacon! There's an eerie, delicious and almost toxic in every tobacco smell. Here in Close Up, this balance is maintained by a perfect play of bloody cherry in top which plays sparkling and musty like in winery. This is almost the same aura of aromatic cherry jam tobacco in Burberry London for men.

Annick Menardo is a nose with glittering profile for designer perfumes, which means, she clearly knows how to enchant with a mass-pleasing composition and here is Close Up. She shifts from absolute tobacco smell with a touch of high-dosed-coumarin amber, coffee, spices and whiff of floral shades to alter the destination into a more rounded, yummy fruity floral and earthy warm patchouli. Delicious top, warm sweet tobacco heart, sensual amber and white musk dry down, what else you need?!

Close Up is more complex than a typical tobacco perfume but it shares some bold characteristics with Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb. It's an amber tobacco with vibrant zest of cherry that makes it wearable for both men and women. It has very potent tenacity on my skin but projection is somewhere in middle to down.

Carpe Odor!

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