Friday, April 21, 2017

Vice Versa: Néroli d'Ispahan by Boucheron

Some members of La Collection by Boucheron

Desert of Switzerland, tropical fruits of Siberia, seasides of Mongolia... you feel confused!? Stay with this post...

The fragrance industry is getting seriously spoiled, not only by ephemeral so-called artistic indies, but also by the elders of this trade. I'm not condemning Boucheron only. This post is a bullet targeting many others.
Few days ago I discovered the Parisian jewelry house of Boucheron who have entered the perfume business in late 80's and carved its name on marble plate, because of astonishing gems like Jaïpur Homme, has released a - let's say - niche line of five perfumes simply or aimlessly named La Collection! The official website describes:
The new Boucheron fragrance collection draws on the memories of the gem hunters, who forged the spirit of the Maison with their journeys, bringing back from all over the world a wealth of impressions images, lights, landscapes, encounters and scents.
Purposefully I chose Néroli d'Ispahan from this collection to point on how niche perfumery is going pointlessly. Does anyone release a perfume without even thinking about title or idea of creation? Niche perfumery which is supposed to be exclusive launches, superior quality, and artistic idea, is going totally vice versa by massive marketing, inferior quality, silly ideas with not even a simple googling for titles.

Néroli d'Ispahan? You should be kidding me Boucheron! Neroli of Isfahan is synonym of tropical fruits of Siberia! How could they imitate essence of a plant that is impossible to grow in a dry and hot region like Isfahan?! Isfahan (for whom it may concern) is a province in center of Iran where the great desert of Iran gives no permission for flora and fauna to survive. And in such coarse climate it is impossible to cultivate citrus! Is this an oxymoron or a message to customers that "you worth nothing unless you pay"?!

This is not only Boucheron. From Nivea to cosmetic line of inexpensive home and kitchen stuff. From exclusive cars to cheap clothing industry. From a point on earth, rotating 360°, returning to that point, everybody is getting in perfume industry! And you look for niche!?

By the way, if you care for Néroli d'Ispahan, regardless to whatever the trend is, it's a cheap neroli smelling like air freshener, with spicy facets. Sort of springy, totally synthetic, long lasting fresh spicy ambry neroli with no power to captivate.

Carpe Odor!

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