Friday, July 7, 2017

Chic and luxury; part II: Lux by Mona di Orio

Some portraits of perfume art changed my path and my journey in olfactory realm. One of them is Mona di Orio, whose chiaroscuro play of light and darkness evokes my inner dark passenger. A nose who delivered melancholy, darkness, erotism and elegance at once in all her soulful creations. Although after artist's death the house's new policy changed the bottles, juice volume and even created new formulas, MdO is still an elusive artistic brand with greats timeless works. The perfume I'm obsessed to write about, Lux, is a member of Signature Collection delivered in 2006. Before I skip to the scent I should mention another portrait who impressed me is Luca Turin, whose avuncular reviews fascinated me, nevertheless, his thumbing down reviews on many of MdO's works and malice towards herself made me rather intrigued about her creations because happily I have tried them all before I know Turin, otherwise, you know how great his impact is!

Lux is by far one of the most interesting citrus amber fragrances that, in a whole, is neither citrus nor amber. A luminous and effervescent animalic citrus, as bright as the title suggests (in contrary with its vibrant animality which should suggest darkness, the term lux comes from Latin meaning "light") and as dark as it must be. Bursts out with radiant lemon and bigarade paired with musk and Bourbon vanilla that give zesty citrus a tousled render and an odd sparkling pattern like champagne. This first layer strongly emphasizes on Orio's aesthetic capability. Although the opening is a battle field of citrus accord and warm amber base, it eventually plays on skin quite sumptuous like gilded waves of sea in early morning of a sunny summer day. Very sensual, kind of softly vulgar, carnal and corrupt without spoiling gentleness. And a dirty woody amber plus resinous polish that push a gauzy cedar up, not only vaguely indicates on vulgarity but also adds the darkness a Mona di Orio fragrance needs to own to show off sexy, chic and luxurious. This contrast of darkness and light in Orio's compositions - called chiaroscuro - is a intersection of chicness and settled luxury as I described in few posts ago. Lux, as many others from Orio's collection, is a fragrance that showcases both artistic melancholic and comfortable luxury. This juxtaposition is the point that a fragrance twists a reviewer's tongue!

I'm not afraid to say my most beloved MdO fragrance has a silly low sillage and shimmering performance on skin. I enjoy its three hours of performance a lot and that's enough to make my day. It stays close to skin in a shape of soothing shade enveloping you less than a foot but it's also like a cover of gold on skin. It's a true masterpiece.

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