Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Of winds and salty waters: review of Viking by Creed

The house of Creed updates its profile with a new masculine fragrance that signifies modern man and is inspired by resolute devotion to exploration. The new release, Viking, immediately - even long before it officially announced - turned all cameras to the house. It's a Creed after all! The architect behind this scent is Olivier Creed who has been developing the house into new age of perfumery with many modern fragrances for both women and men since 1970's. His passion in voyage and seafaring encouraged him to capture the idea behind his new perfume from Iceland and northern waters where Viking culture originated.

Before I try Viking I anticipated an animalic (sort of impossible dream) or a hot spicy and brutal scent. But at the other side stands a dozen of prior works of the house with conventional context erase clouds above my head. And I was totally wrong!

It unfolds with hefty amount of tireless hesperidic bergamot and lemon, gushing into a full-bodied mentholated green and sweaty aromatic reference. It somehow resembles top of Guerlain Héritage EdT, for that I guess clary sage is used in the concoction to give robust masculine identity to bergamot/lemon zest. Soon after opening a salty pseudo-marine and fruity patch (just the same fruit and sea water of Creed Millésime Impérial) unveils and gives a delightful (fruits) yet worried (oceanic gloomy salt) feeling to it. It gives me feeling of being free and alone in a rocky coast of a furious cold ocean.

Viking boats, artist unknown

This sour, slightly bitter, herbaceous opening is paired with unique rendition of fiery peppery notes that is totally distinct to usual of the note in other fragrances. It indeed stands so natural. Pepper takes over and from there it meets Bulgarian rose which trims angular edges of top and pampers it to be ready to meet woody elements of base. Finally patchouli, Haitian vetiver and sandalwood - respectively according to majority - in the base take hegemony but still stand underneath strong warm spice curtains.

General speaking, Viking is like a hybrid of Bois du Portugal and Millésime Impérial. I mean not exactly in details but gives you the idea of an 80's herbal masculine cologne ornamented with a modern 90's Calone-oriented fruity fragrance. It's classy and classic and urban. By the first sniff you may have dozens of binary choices with much lesser price but I ensure that quality lays in details where you encounter camouflaged fruity notes and herbs in minuscule scale but with majuscule impact. It is sold $495 for 100ml and $350 for 50ml. Ok it's considerably a huge price and I leave it to its audience. I'm quite satisfied with tenacity and performance. While it stays more than half a day on my skin it projects softly for about an arm-length around me.

Carpe Odro!

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