Friday, December 1, 2017

Urbanized sandalwood: Comme des Garçons Concrete

Since childhood strange smells of environment that others find disgusting with abhorrent face were, and still are, matter of curiosity for me. That is a gift I had by which I extend boundaries of my google earth over our neighborhood, to nearby farms, meadows and woods, while other children were sentenced to live their miserable childhood on asphalt football courts. I should clarify that my neighborhood then was surrounded by orange farms, paddy fields and several unconstructed lots occupied by birches and poplars. That gave me enough material to grow up organic in city!

My extraordinary sense of smell showed up clearer years later when I admitted in architecture department and a new material joined my smell vocabulary: cement. Of course I knew cement and concrete from construction sites around our neighborhood but being occupied with the material professionally gave it both emotional and rational definitive dimensions.

When I read the house of Comme des Garçons updated their perfume profile with a new bean bottle fragrance named Concrete I was seriously anxious why I can't immediately keep my nose on it. I felt worse when I learned the bottle is also made of concrete. Can a perfume enthusiastic architect neglect it? I always appreciate this house's perfumes.

Concrete opens vibrant and very pop-arty with blast of spice-coated sandalwood. The famous peppery clovy and turmeric-like spicy accord of all CdG fragrances appears with a brazen presence and instantly infuses in sandalwood. This sandalwood is expressed by the house as industrial sandalwood. You may expect a lab-product that smells everything but sandalwood but ironically this wood smells quite natural and near to sandalwood in famous Mysore soaps. It's creamy, highly dusty, slightly floralized, woodsy, unsmoky and bright beige. The same sandalwood used in Blue Santal by the house.

Concrete is a mere sandalwood fragrance with prominent spicy nuances. It walks on edge of femininity/masculinity border. Not so complex in composition, but it impacts greatly. It has also monstrous longevity on skin with fairly great projection. Packing all, to be honest I'm disappointed cause I expected something smelling wet concrete and cement but seems CdG looks to city through a different angle.

Carpe Odor!
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