Monday, January 15, 2018

Across 110th Street: Times Square by Masque Milano

I have never been in NYC, begrudgingly, but the Milano-based niche house of Masque Milano with their new release, Times Square, take me to years ago when I was deeply fond of cinema and I was a die-hard fan of Scorsese and his Taxi Driver. The movie's several sections passes through pervert streets of Times Square, showing porn cinemas, street jazz players, drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes and stench of cheap life all in a straight panorama of Scorsese's camera. I like the way he makes his masterpiece from streets where life is harsh, intense and stench. The same way acts Bruno Jovanovic - the architect behind Masque Times Square - with clarion notes and prominent accords. His tribute to old Times Square reminds me of Across 110th Street by Bobby Wommack.

Times Square opens with a gummy smell reminiscent of thick sticky lipstick and overly brushed eyelashes, pop-art culture, fruity lollipop and neon lights. I'm not wondering why this opening reminds me (not in smell but it main mood) of Etat Libre d'Orange Archives 69Jovanovic uses a smart accord to come up with a playful aura that promises for lush floral heart. Same nasty feeling of Archives 69 you can't refuse. Sweet osmanthus and non-indolic (or softly indolic) tuberose and rose duplicate what the nose has begin with. The floral phase calls the third layer: sandalwood and styrax, which deliver warm and earthy base.

Times Square is a thick viscous fragrance with oozy top and peculiarly warm and intimacy-reminding dry down. Something in this perfume makes me want to smell it frequently and its a blatant feeling of  pleasure hidden in its floral floor. Jovanovic deliberately and smartly makes you curious just the way you always wanted to walk down those streets but you were always afraid of! Times Square is, therefore, a fragrance for who can't get enough of adventures of life and pleasure, a hedonistic fragrance, and a prominent one in the sort.

Carpe Odor!

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