Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A short review on Eau de Cologne by Johann Maria Farina

Popularity means the state of being liked by many people. It gains when an object or article meets basic expectations of aesthetics in a massive group of people. To give an example, one day something ordinary captured my attention while I was waiting in my car. It was a school bus parking in a corner. While on rear gear the bus played a monotone melody of Für Elise by Ludwig Van, as caution of a large vehicle driving backwards.
It is the composition's readability, simplicity and lure that makes it a commonplace art, while it used to be a cult work of piano back in days. Same goes for Johann Maria Farina's worldwide famous Eau de Cologne. Its glory hides in its simple, legible and ardent citrus accord that purifies like birds songs after spring rain in a forest no human stepped in before.

Transparent and fluent it opens with tender soapy bergamot peel greenness and soft aquatic saltiness. Sour, yellow/green, earthy and air-weighted, it continues with delightful and slightly floral tinge. The whole composition is a huge top layer without a base, that delivers a fleeting zest and impression of a big yellow balloon flying in cloudless sunny city sky.

More than scent, the impression is what I obsess with. Citrus fragrances are highly on my fragrance radar because of memories of citrus farm I grew up in, and I wonder how I neglect this easy to gain refinement gem. Eau de Cologne is the right pick to take me back to grandpa's orange farm.

Carpe Odor!

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