Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Camel by Zoologist; a Fragrance Review

When I was kid my favorite TV program was anything related to mystery and adventures of detectives in orient. My utmost love was Egypt and enigma of pyramids. Hercule Poirot, Tin Tin, Blake&Mortimer and such stories used to amuse me to death with their fascinating juxtaposition of oriental ambiance and European gentry.

Years later I admitted in architectural restoration and conservation department, and say, passion of mystery helped me find my path into my profession. School gave me several opportunities to visit civilizations by deserts and their peculiar habitats and mesmerizing modest cultures. Desert for its nothing to donate to human, makes him wean on least and share the least generously.

Victor Wong's collaboration with Christian Carbonnel; Camel; gives me the same mood. It is a straightforward, legible, edible animalic incense fragrance with prominent twisty deliciousness top. Dates, dried fruits, incense and civet; but don't oversize it in your mind. It's actually a soft smoky fragrance with bold yet peaceful beasty margins, that more than to be a reminder of Serge Lutens' famous Arabie, is a sibling of Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent and shares, in a way, blood with Amouage Figment Man; yet it's alike neither. Camel is loaded with resins and also with animalics, but a fistful of gourmand notes of dates and dried fruit keeps it away from intense smoky or skanky animality. Here the boldest notes to push the red button are implemented in a way to sum up with one of my most favorable releases of the house. Camel is sweet ambrosial. An oozy kiss of dried fruits and dates prolonged towards nose-tickling incense and tender touch of civet and musk.

Carpe Odor!

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