Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The epitome of jasmine: Jasmin T by Bruno Acampora

Happened some great changes in my lifestyle. Changed everything, even my taste for food and good perfume. It made me sell or give away some of my fragrances that I used to adore before. Separating from what marked memories is not easy but I'm quite satisfied with my new me. It opened new windows and shone on new horizons. Days ago at a friend's I tired perfumes of an Italian house of perfumery I have not tried before. Since I'm on new mood for exploring new things I welcomed it. The house is almost a shadow among other Italian names, and surprisingly, locates in Napoli, not Milano or Firenze. Its name is Bruno Acampora; charming enough to trigger one's curiosity to dig for it everywhere.

The first to test was a heady jasmine with unbearably high carnal aspects; just the way the flower blooms its intoxicating potion of lust every summer evening. It's not a typical jasmine. A unique specie with white petals and magenta/pink neck, smells the same as the jasmine of Jasmin T. It opens dense, camphorous, crunchy and way natural with twisted fruity facets. Natural like its absolute is obtained in a traditional method in an Italian village that includes a lovely percent of impurity and improvised aesthetics within. This rural spirit ornaments the jasmine with slightly sour, slightly sugary, softly tobacco touch and barnyard animality. Brutal characteristics are duplicated by powerful play of ylang ylang and measured amount of cloves. This is the main theme but I'm lost for words to justly describe the liberality of floralcy of the composition. The flowers are left to freely sing their own opera.

Greatly plays on skin. Sheer, simple and almost monotonic but deep and comprehensive. It has moderate sillage and great longevity on my skin. Very quintessential and true. It deserves to be the epitome of jasmine. I hinder to tag it masculine or feminine. I'm not sure with the sexuality of fragrances and this is the topic I usually avoid to talk. Jasmin T has bold posh and suave features but more inclined to retro air. Anyway, I was exploring the entire universe for a jasmine to die for, and I finally found it.

Carpe Odor!

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