Thursday, June 7, 2018

Nudiflorum by Nasomatto: a fragrance review

Painting by Matthew Stone

About a couple of months ago, before Nasomatto even announce  for their newest launch, Nudiflorum, they began to post several plain images on Instagram that finally form a larger image picturing a fragrance in plain salmon pink color, that emerges sensation of something powdery, skin-obsessing, intimating and potentially erotic.

As a tradition in Nasomatto line, they prefer to cover the notes pyramid, and instead explain with impressions and feeling evoked by scents. This gives me excuse to not get involve with notes cause I'm on the same idea too. I usually avoid writing on notes cause who reads a fragrance review cannot fully imagine the scent upon written. Eventually the nose is the judge.

Nasomatto Nudiflorum, the name may take you to famous yellow winter jasmines, or if you are not familiar with flowers the term's structure nude+floral indicates on nude body and sheer skin odor, and perhaps tactile touch of silk underthings. I'm afraid to say you're completely wrong. The fragrance opens so icy and green and extremely earthy like something extracted from frozen soils. Something softly resinous and powdery and cashmerean-resembling, that its powdery aspects are caved under bold ozonic and sharp citrus renditions. From base, a prominent smoky darkness and dense resins that share common characteristics with Black Afgano pushes sombre personality up. Nudiflorum is, in one word, Black Afgano Eau Fraîche. It shares the face structures of BA, plus industrial bergamot and earthy violet that gives it a bizarre dystopia characteristic.

This battle of two opposite sides makes it a very strong personal perfume. It is absolutely not for me, and I can't either suggest to anyone. Nudiflorum is a perfume you have to try by your own. Very potent in tenacity on skin, and strong in sillage. It tends, in my opinion, to masculine side. If you ask me, considering the smell, and comparing it with ad campaign and title, it fails the concept. Technically it's a great perfume but doesn't this disharmony with concept decrease a perfume to mere functional level?

Carpe Odor!

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