Sunday, June 10, 2018

Slowdive by Hiram Green: a fragrance review

I close my eyes and imagine a sunny day in June in an orange farm that donates heavenly smell of orange blossoms, fresh grass under my feet, bitter taste of chamomiles and buzz of honey bees, promising of a nearby bee hive. So intense, so true, and so clear like physical existence of a tangible object, Hiram Green's latest release, Slowdive, strongly triggers my imagination.

Honey, the ancient remedy, the magic potion of bees and the essence of pleasure, is the main color of Slowdive. All the members of concoction spin around honey to give it identity. The fragrance initiates with sweet orange blossom and scrumptious apothecal tobacco aftertaste that immediately fade into heat of oozy honey wax. It's sharply sweet and smoky with sufficient animality that give it realistic wilderness.

Top notes submerge and what remains with honey is dried fruits leftover that registers for tobacco accent into colossal playground of honey. Most of honey fragrances are referred to Serge Lutens' gloriously honeyed piss (Miel de bois) but Slowdive reminds me of famous Kilian Back to Black, nevertheless, the two fragrances have notable differences.

Hiram Green's Slowdive is rather extremist, linear, steady and invigorating honey-based from top to toe. It's sweet smoky, softly camphorous, gauzy, rich, dense and heavy. It's way between handmade traditional medicines and posh niche fragrances. I think this is what gives a fragrance worth. Enormous longevity and seriously great projection. It's like being surrounded with thousands of beehives in summer noon.

Carpe Odor!

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