Thursday, November 8, 2018

L'innommable by Serge Lutens: A fragrance review

I have a soft spot for everything of Serge Lutens fragrances including scents, bottles, colors and all, that comes from my aesthetic preferences. (I should detach new 100ml bottles here which are merely out of my affinity for beauty) A pair of new fragrances came out recently, both based on immortelle and amber accord. A new spicy gourmand amber named Le Participe Passé presented in classic oblong bottle, and another spicy amber named L'innommable presented in a new division named Gratte-Ciel (Skyscraper) that also takes ten other fragrances of the house. Gratte-Ciel collection is delivered in a new appearance: a quaint long pitch black bottle with square base and slender height that reminds art deco designs. It entirely keeps the liquid obscured.