Saturday, April 16, 2016

Giant white cloud: White Spirit by Juliette has a Gun

The French perfume house of Juliette has a Gun which has separately released a couple of tuberose-optimizing exclusives (Moon Dance and Oil Fiction) adds another member around the harlot flower of perfumery and amber accord, named White Spirit. A floralamber extremely minimalistic fragrance with chalk white powder floating in fragrance liquid that reminds shake before use medicines! It is quite intriguing, to be honest, as much as the scent itself. Unfortunately the house has not declared about the concept of white powder and its material.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Exquisite leather, part III: Doblis by Hermès

What could be more nightmary than "reformulation" to a perfume you deeply love by heart? Yes, discontinuing is rather frightening specially when you're highly tied to a perfume. Happened to 80's generation, like me, to love a classical and lose it as it joined infrequent perfumes; let's spear some respect and don't call them like sentenced to death with "discontinued", cause I believe what can be reproduced is not dead forever. And as a reviewer I do believe that every single blog post on extinct fragrances can motivate the houses to respond demands with relaunch.