Monday, February 27, 2017

In the galaxy of orange blossoms: Zagara by Norma Kamali

Orange blossom, source: Pinterest
Sense of smell is a strange ability of human that conjures imagination and sensuality, and in a way abstract perception of environment. It is a sense that never understood precisely after mankind stood on two feet and relied on sights which delivered him a power no animal were gifted in that form. Yet, seems the tracks of such comprehensive ability remained with human to torture him with memory! Maybe this is why fragrances always conjure up nostalgia.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

When I was a child goodness was a woman who smells cigarettes: Civet by Zoologist

Photo from

I write on the newest release of Zoologist long after its launch, that itself had been promised to fans earlier in late 2016. Since I'm the last to talk about Civet, I guess I have no space for chattering about this or that of the fragrance and should directly go to the impressions but this perfume is so forceful in emotions.

When my precious friend Victor Wong, shared news about an upcoming launch named Civet that is composed by renown American nose - Shelley Waddington, who formerly delivered poetic and delicate Hummingbird - my eyes glittered, as I'm an animalic lover, but at the same time I though Zoologist probably gets on a dangerous Alpine ridge cause civet musk is not kidding...