Sunday, December 16, 2018

IMMERSIVE PERFUME SCULPTURES: An interview with Andy Tauer

Actually there is no need to compose an introduction for an interview with Andreas Tauer of Tauer Parfums. We know him not only with his groundbreaking fragrances but also with his personality. A friendly portrait in social media, a multi-talented man, a nature-lover, and a perfumer who works with precision of Swiss watchmakers. These are mandatory ingredients to be Andy.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Safe inside: a review on Battaniye by Pekji

It was about two years ago when I first chatted with Ömer İpekçi about his perfumes: Pekji. The most noticeable characteristic to consider was his style of communication. A syzygy of words compiled to couch complexities of an inexpressible artistic mind. Later when I discovered his perfumes I noticed the same cryptic characteristics and friendly slang mirrored in his perfumes. Some of you might remember my article about Pekji in which I wrote shortly about five of his perfumes (Eaumer, Ruh, Odun, Cuir 6 and Holy Shit) when I was an hardcore fan of marginal and avant-garde side of perfumery. I confess it has been long time since the last I wrote about indies, but new amber/patchouli of Ömer İpekçi makes me turn and write about it: Battaniye.